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Self-Discovery, Crafting Your Next Chapter



Embark on your transformational journey with expert guidance. Together, we'll discover your potential, conquer challenges, and celebrate lasting growth.

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Discover the art of self-care that goes beyond the surface

Radiant Self-Care: A Comprehensive Guide to Nurturing Your Inner Light, is your roadmap to cultivating a deeper, more meaningful relationship with yourself. Uncover practical strategies, mindful rituals, and transformative practices that will empower you to shine from within.




Ignite your hearts and minds with profound faith, authenticity, and empowering messages. My talks lead to self-discovery, growth, and spiritual connection. Audiences leave inspired, motivated, and ready to embrace their true selves and divine potential, fostering a closer connection with God and renewed purpose.



With a deep faith in Jesus Christ and a passion for helping others, I offer personalized coaching that empowers you to overcome obstacles, set and achieve meaningful goals, and develop a strong, unshakable sense of self-worth. My blend of faith-based wisdom and practical strategies will equip you to navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience.



Unlock Your Potential: My workshops offer a safe and nurturing space where you can explore your innermost desires, overcome challenges, and unlock your unique potential. With a deep-rooted faith in Jesus Christ and a passion for guiding individuals towards their purpose, my workshops are a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Hi, I'm Lisa Semoy, an Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, and Christian Faith Leader.


My purpose is to guide and support individuals in finding themselves and planning the next chapter of their lives. 


Through my profound faith in Jesus Christ, I not only share the importance of a personal relationship with Him but also showcase the incredible benefits that come with it.


I have experienced firsthand the remarkable ways in which God has worked in my life, and I believe that these same miracles are possible for everyone.


Inspiring Transformation Through Faith and Empowerment


Your partner in personal and spiritual growth. 

Unlock Your Amazing

Let’s get you from where you are 
to where God wants you to be.

Remember, your growth journey is unique to you. Embrace it with an open heart, and each step you take will contribute to your ongoing transformation. Let's start your transformational!

Lisa encourages women to reflect on their worth and goals, and shares practical tips on how to live a more intentional and fulfilling life. She shares her experience of going outside of her comfort zone and accepting opportunities to become an influential leader and servant of God.

Mariana B.

I attended the last workshop during a period of my life where I questioned myself. I didn’t know my direction, where my life was headed. I left the workshop with a purpose, a feeling of hope, and an inner strength that encouraged me to believe in myself. 

Kiesia A

I watched Lisa's Coffee and Chat and was truly blessed by her soothing voice. I felt like I was in a spiritual spa, especially when we had to close our eyes for the affirmation activity.

Christine N

Stories of Transformation

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